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This sim is going to take a hiatus. With Drew and I having difficulties running things, and player activity very slow, we’re going to just need to take a break. I appreciate everything you all did to get this off the ground, and I hope (I truly do) to return to this some day and kick some Sith bums!

If you need anything, sim PMs and the forums will remain open for the time being. Best of luck out there in the galaxy, and Force be with you all!

Welcome to Star Wars: Return to the Old Republic!

We are just getting started and are hoping you’ll join us in this new adventure. The events of Star Wars: The Old Republic have unfolded and 100 years have passed. Now it’s time for a new generation of Jedi to come to the forefront and pave the way for the future. Together with the Republic and other allies, they will combat the continued pushing of the Sith Empire and bring peace to the galaxy!

Read more about our story and join the adventure!